Ecological restoration success is higher for natural regeneration…

Limestone forests Tarjun Kalimantan

Secondary forest in SE Kalimantan

This title can be completed in many different ways and for most of them it would hold true. To the readers of this blog the statement is familiar from the world of quarries.

But the authors of a Science Advances magazine article Crouzeilles et al. (2017) have just published the result of a meta-study on tropical forest restoration including 133 published works.

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What’s buzzing and crawling in mineral extraction sites?

cover-webNew book by HeidelbergCement published in December 2016 is now available online here.

Butterflies and Other Insects in Quarries and Gravel Pits is as beautifully designed and illustrated as the previous five titles in the series. The texts are easy to  read and witty section titles help with navigation in the book. The pictures are excellent and serve well to illustrate a fascinating overview of the natural history of the most diverse group of animals.

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