Helping companies to help biodiversity

10 DSC01937

ENCI Maastricht quarry © Adeline Lerambert

By working with leading companies like HeidelbergCement, BirdLife is helping the minerals extractive industry to meet the challenge of being environmentally sustainable.

Sustainability has multiple dimensions and biodiversity is just the flagship of these efforts, not the full picture. But the good news is that everyone can see it, touch it and get excited about it, from the CEO to the lorry driver.

However… nature is much trickier to measure than e.g. tonnes of CO2, NOx and SOx emissions. So how do we measure one’s impact on species and habitats? First of all you need to know your subject, your starting point (baseline) and what to do. Second comes the ability to turn plans into actions, make progress and monitor success.

The BirdLife partnership is the perfect counterpart when biodiversity is at stake, as we can provide both a local and a global viewpoint and experience.


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