Rare species thrive at Locksberg

Cypripedium calceolus

Lady’s Slipper orchids can be found in the valley of river Main, where the Lengfurt plant is located.

In 1997, the Lengfurt HeidelbergCement plant closed down one of its quarries and since then nature rules in the former Locksberg quarry in the valley of river Main, Bavaria.

The richness of the biodiversity found in the area has been of great interest to scientists, who have confirmed the presence of rare species in this restored habitat.

LBV (Bavarian partner of NABU, BirdLife in Germany) is currently implementing a two-year project which aims to measure the success of the ecological restoration at this limestone quarry.

The preliminary results confirm the quarry’s contribution to the biodiversity of two neighbouring Natura 2000 sites with a species list of 61 birds, 47 butterflies and 187 plants.

Later in 2014, a long-term biodiversity management scheme will be prepared with the cement plant, to guide its future quarry restoration efforts.

As part of its public awareness programme on nature restoration, HeidelbergCement also organizes guided tours and holiday programmes to take visitors through the restored quarry and its rich natural environment.


* LBV is the local Bavarian partner of NABU (BirdLife Germany)

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