Event 7-8 Oct. 2014 – Benefits after mineral site restoration: a Maastricht case study

eagle owl

Eagle Owl chick at the ENCI quarry site in Maastricht, The Netherlands (c) ENCI

The city of Maastricht, The Netherlands, is a great case study where the restoration of mineral sites nearby will secure the long-term future of the area through flood alleviation and other environmental benefits.

A two-day event will be held there on the 7th and 8th of October to showcase and exchange best practice on restoration of mineral sites.

Partners of the Nature After Minerals and RESTORE project will present their work on mineral site restoration and will explain its benefits. They will also share their experience on how these projects can be replicated in other countries.

A variety of speakers across the RESTORE project will detail their work during the first day. Some of the key issues that will be discussed will be:

  • Trans-national liaison and cooperation
  • Zonation of land within restoration sites
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Funding aftercare management

Aerial view of the planned visits: the ENCI quarry in Maastricht, The Netherlands (c) ENCI

On the second day, two visits are planned. One will take everyone along a 45 km stretch of River Maas, a site of increasing importance as it will provide flood alleviation to the city of Maastricht after its restoration.

The second visit will be a guided tour around the ENCI quarry, where ambitious restoration plans are underway to provide vital habitats for wildlife. As a result, it is expected that the area will become a great green tourism option for the local community.


Restored area of the ENCI quarry (c) ENCI

This event presents a great opportunity to visit sites whose restoration is helping to protect biodiversity, while benefiting people and the local economy. The organisers expect an excellent crowd of people working in the field.

Anyone can register by contacting Debra Royal, Nature After Minerals Events and Communications Officer or read the event poster.


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