Global Restoration Network: Database for Eco-restoration Information


The Global Restoration Network (GRN) is a project of the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) that provides a database and web-based portal to trustworthy and hard-to-find information on all aspects of restoration, from historic ecosystems and causes of degradation to in-depth case studies and proven restoration methods and techniques. The overriding mission of the GRN is to link research, projects, and practitioners in order to foster an innovative exchange of experience, vision, and expertise.

Some of the resources accessible at the GRN portal include:

  1. The Restoration Toolkit for community based projects is designed to serve as a comprehensive resource of science-based methods and techniques, accessible to volunteers and non-professional restoration practitioners, which will inform restoration planning, project implementation and long-term monitoring.
  2. The SER Primer is perhaps the most frequently cited resource on ecological restoration: a concise statement of restoration principles which includes a clear definition of what restoration is; how it is planned, conducted, and evaluated; and how it can be integrated with related disciplines. The SER Primer is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Chinese.
  3. The SER Guidelines for Developing and Managing Ecological Restoration Projects describes the procedures for conducting ecological restoration in accord with the norms of the discipline that were established in the SER Primer.
  4. A great variety of guidelines and manuals, such as  the Collaboration Handbook, which provides common sense and practical advice about putting a collaborative effort together and making it work.

Are you aware of other similar web resources? Please post links in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Global Restoration Network: Database for Eco-restoration Information

    • Hello petrel41
      Thank you for sharing. Yes, I know about this project and as you might remember we have written about it here as well. It will be good to post a more recent news.
      Best wishes

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