2015 in review for Eco-restore

DSCN6257In 2015 Eco-restore promoted the partnership approach to nature restoration through practical examples. We advocated that biodiversity and responsible mining can go hand in hand. Although mining inevitably affects the landscape and  the environment, this is not necessarily bad news in our urbanized and farmed continent.

On the contrary through ecological restoration mining sites can (re)create some close to natural habitat such as river flood plains and species rich grasslands. In terms of net conservation gain, mining areas can also play a positive role to reconnect the lost natural links in our fragmented landscapes and bring some diversity into our highly homogenized environment. In the following mosaic we offer a glimpse to our project work in 2015 with building materials giant HeidelbergCement.


April, Spring has barely just arrived but there is no time to waste… BirdLife Partner OTOP and the HeidelbergCement Group company Górażdże have just started their first joint conservation project “to improve the breeding conditions for island nesting birds” in four gravel pits in Southern Poland. There are a lot of shrubs and trees to be cut and tons of gravel to be spread, ditches to be dug. Four months later the numbers of breeding black-headed gulls, Mediterranean gulls and common terns have multiplied by two, five and… fourteen times!


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