What’s buzzing and crawling in mineral extraction sites?

cover-webNew book by HeidelbergCement published in December 2016 is now available online here.

Butterflies and Other Insects in Quarries and Gravel Pits is as beautifully designed and illustrated as the previous five titles in the series. The texts are easy to  read and witty section titles help with navigation in the book. The pictures are excellent and serve well to illustrate a fascinating overview of the natural history of the most diverse group of animals.

The second chapter is dedicated to the diversity of habitats, structure and variety of natural conditions that benefit insect life. From bare sand and crystal clear waters, to dead wood and flower rich grasslands, quarries offer a myriad of micro-habitats to the needy insect, often in contrast to the surrounding mono-cultured landscape.

Hence, many former quarries have been included in protected areas, especially in Central and Western Europe. But active mining sites are no less attractive to biodiversity, insects included, thus the last chapter of the book alludes to what options for nature protection exist in quarries, and here a reference to the previous titles in the series needs to be made, such as the 2015 edition of Biodiversity Management in Quarries & Gravel pits – Putting nature back together.

Happy reading!

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