Eco-restore.net is a dedicated space for conservation professionals and enthusiasts to share their knowledge on nature restoration with like-minded colleagues.

Despite the work of conservation organisations new pieces of nature get destroyed every day and their value for wildlife is lost. The loss of biodiversity continues at a pace outstripping our efforts. To reverse this baneful trend we no longer can rely on nature protection alone. It is obvious that we need to restore sites and habitats where nature can come back and take over again.

By restoring ecosystems and habitats, we give these sites a second chance and accelerate the development of their fauna and flora. Restoration activities can provide many benefits with their cost-effective and lasting solutions, ensuring positive environmental and social outcomes.

Anyone can contribute to the blog by contacting me at boris.barov@birdlife.org

boris barov

I am Boris Barov, Partnership Coordinator for BirdLife Europe and HeidelbergCement.

I am an ecologist promoting partnership approaches to saving and restoring nature.



I am a Mexican Veterinarian with a Master of Philosophy degree at Murdoch University in Western Australia. My main research interest is on how genetics can be used to improve ecological restoration. I am interested in applying new technologies in genomics and bioinformatics, with a particular interest on selection for dispersal behaviour.